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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration is seamless and can be done in two steps.
Step 1- After launching the App on your mobile, fill in your correct email address, your full name, phone number and password.
Your correct email is needed to verify that it’s actually you that owns the email been provided, else the verification email won’t be sent to you. Your fully name is also needed to be filled correctly, after that you add your phone number, we would prefer a phone number in which you can be easily reached on call and whatsapp, we also need you to provide a password that only you know about and won’t forget to avoid fraudulent practices on your profiles.,
You can trade from $10 upward
The least amount that is tradable on our platform is $10 worth of any gift card type. Any card lower than that will not be able to be traded on our platform.
Yes your details are safe on the Coast App and secured by your password and login details.
As long as you do not share your login details with any third party of any kind, then your details are most definitely safe and secured on the App.
When you launch the App, you locate the sell Gift card icon, Click on it, Select the gift card, Select the country of the gift card, Select the gift card type( either physical or Ecode ), Select the range, enter amount and click on proceed.
Yes it is very safe to trade on the Coast App as all transactions made are been safe guarded with our tight security, to protect all orders placed on the App.
Gift cards that's are been traded has varying processing time and lengths, however our automated systems helps to hasten the process so when you initiate a trade, you will be informed how long it would take.
At Coast.NG, we are open to all trades in Nigeria, we trade all types of digital gift cards including Amazon and we are swift and reliable.
You can trade your gift card with Coast. We provide a super convenient means for you to trade by making use of our App. (very efficient and reliable).
Immediately after a gift card has been completely processed, payment is made instantly and your wallet gets credited immediately. You can then withdraw to any Nigerian bank account of choice.
It's a very simple process, use the recover/forget password option. A token would be sent to your email, use the token code to reset your password. After which you can login with your new password immediately afterwards.
Yes you can. Go to the settings on the app, click on edit profile, edit your profile to make changes, select any image of choice, save changes.
At Coat.NG we operate 24/7 and thus is why we are referred as a customer-centric brand. Anytime of the day or week we are always available, just download the app, refer your friends to download the App and keep trading!
Your wallet gets credited instantly once your gift card has been processed and fulfilled, meaning that the transaction was successful. From there you can withdraw to any Nigerian bank account of choice selected from your profile.
NOTE (you must have a verified bank account details before you can withdraw).
Yes all your transactions are protected and not accessible by any third party. Coast.NG as a platform that ensures all your data is protected by trusted security gateways that makes transactions encrypted via SSL/TLS.
You can change your transaction pin on the Coast App, by clicking on the settings icon, which would direct you to the page, Click on the change pin, input your old pin and change to the new pin of choice.
Yes you can change your bank account and add another bank account of choice on the coast app, but the new bank account must also be verified. All you need to do is select your bank, insert your bank details and our automatic integrated system would confirm your bank details.
There is no withdrawal limit on the coast app per day, you can withdraw as much as you want on our app any time you want to.
We trade various gift card on the Coast App, like ITunes, Amazon, Amex, Google play, One vanilla, Sephora, Walmart, EBay, Nordstrom, Steam, Many others.
You can check your gift card balance on the official website of the gift card type, i.e Apple gift card balance can be checked on
A list of all the valid gift card type that we accept can be checked on the "select gift card" option available on the mobile app.
You can reach out to our customer service help through our email ( or via all our social media platforms, click on the contact us in the settings part of the mobile app to get a direct link to all our social media platforms, we're active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok and even whatsapp.
To Join the CoaSTARS, because each one of you is a star ⭐️, go to your App Store and search for the “COAST-redeem gift cards” App, download and follow the steps by providing your real details to sign up, an account would be created for you.
During the registration process, some empty boxes would be provided for you to fill in your name, email address and phone number, it's necessary to fill in your real name, so that withdrawal/Bonus payments would go directly to your account details, with your name
Our gift card trading and utility payment app prioritize the security of your personal information using private encryption and other measures to keep your information safe, so worry less as you are fully secured with us.
On the coast app, social media accounts aren't validated to sign up, you can easily create your account in few steps.
There is no age restriction on the Coast App, anyone can redeem a gift!
You can only register one account per email address
If you ever forget your password or username, there is a password reset/recovery option available within the app to recover/reset your password
No chief you wouldn't be able to change your email address or username on the app
There are couple of verifications within the app, like Email and phone number verification, you will only encounter this when signing up, once it's done, the verification operation is not required to be performed again
Both phone number and email can be used to register or sign up on the Coast App.
You can initiate withdrawals by clicking on the withdraw icon on the homepage of the app, you select an account to withdraw to from already added accounts, withdrawals would be processed immediately.
Withdrawal method available is Bank Transfer or In app user to user Transfers.
YES there is, The minimum amount is 300 Naira, which also includes charges that will be charged to your withdrawal amount.
YES, there is a withdrawal fee on each transactions which cost 70 Naira only.
Withdrawal processing time varies, ranging from few seconds, minutes, and hours depending on bank Networks, but most withdrawals are done immediately.
NO withdrawal request can not be cancelled, so kindly make sure you select the correct account you need to make withdrawals to.
There are no documents required for withdrawals, but at some point you might need to provide your BVN with correct and matching details as credentials provided during registration to increase your withdrawal limit.
On tier 1, there's a maximum withdrawal limit of 400k, you can take this limit off simply by providing your BVN, to verify account details.
YES withdrawals are processed everyday every hour and every mili seconds, long as you have funds in your wallet balance.
YES you can withdraw to any bank of your choice
The Nigerian official Fiat, which is Naira.
Withdrawal transactions are usually secured using encryption and other safety measures.
YES. Track withdrawal status through your accounts dashboard or contact customer support.
None, all bonus funds can be withdrawn to any bank account of your choice.
If after 30mins you haven't gotten your withdrawal, you can Contact customer support via the provided channels for assistance with delayed withdrawals.
NO, Automatic withdrawals aren't permitted
Contact customer care via provided channels for assistance with withdrawal issues.
NO, you can't withdraw funds if your account is under review.
we appreciate the fact that you need to trade all your crypto and digital coins like BITCOIN/USDT/ETT and all others, the cryptocurrency feature hasn't been updated on the app( COMING SOON) but you can trade with us on our official WhatsApp line; 08039126036… it's available 24/7 or click the link on the website to trade always.
Making an in-app transfer is easy. Navigate to the "Transfer" section in the app, select the recipient, enter the amount, and confirm the transfer. Your transaction is swift and secure.
Absolutely! With the Coast App, you can instantly fund your sports betting account. Choose the "Fund Account" option, select your betting platform, and complete the transaction seamlessly.
Paying bills with the Coast App is convenient. Access the 'Bill Payments' section, choose the bill or utility you want to pay, enter the necessary details, and finalize the payment. It's quick and hassle-free.
Virtual accounts provide you with a dedicated digital banking space. Manage your funds, receive payments, and make transactions within this secure environment. Simply access the "Virtual Accounts" section to get started.
It's simple! Refer your friends and more friends to trade on the Coast App, you earn extra cash for every successful referral. Immediately a friend you refer trades gift cards on the Coast App, you get credited instantly. The more you refer, the more you earn. It's our way of saying thanks for spreading the gospel of COAST!
Coast offers a diverse range of digital assets for trading. From a variety of gift cards to popular cryptocurrencies, you can trade assets that suit your preferences. Explore the "Trade" section to see the full range…