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At Coast, we’re more than just a platform; we’re your partner in simplifying and enhancing your financial journey. Whether you want to trade digital assets like gift cards and cryptocurrencies, pay bills and utilities with ease, or instantly top-up airtime for yourself and your loved ones, we’ve got you covered.

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Our Story

In 2017, a long-held desire was realized, and COAST-EXCHANGE was formed. The anticipated requirement for a dependable platform that would eventually impact lives and provide benefactors/prospective users with an experience unlike anything anyone could have imagined began. Our humble beginnings, or "baby steps", as our CEO/FOUNDER would fondly refer to them, began on the popular chat application, Whatsapp.
We discovered that many people had unused gift cards that were lying around and not being used. We also discovered that some people needed these gift cards for various reasons (gaming, shopping, music subscriptions, and so on). We wanted to bridge this long gap by bringing those who needed these gift cards to those who had them, so the brand was born. We recorded a large number of transactions in the first few months and were able to meet a variety of needs.
Due to our clients' requests, we gradually added CRYPTOCURRENCY. Most of our customers dealt in crypto, therefore it was only a matter of time until we began exchanging cryptos like bitcoin, USDT, ethereum, and others. Our Whatsapp platform was becoming overburdened, so the team devised a better and safer way to trade these Digital Assets. Our first website was launched three years later, and business continued as usual. We completed thousands of successful transactions and honored our customers' promise of NICE RATES FAST PAY.
Considering this a complete success, we decided to go a step further by re-assembling our amazing team and going back to the drawing board. This time around we took considerably more substantial steps and our very first mobile App was created; we also REBRANDED and adopted a new but shorter brand name COAST.
The Coast Mobile App required some time to develop in order to make all of its features worthy and to provide our customers with the greatest experience possible on our platforms, as we have always promised to users on our platforms. COASTARS is the name we gave to all of our lovely users/customers on our site. Why? Because "you all are stars" / "all of our users are stars".
After a few months, we released V2 of the app, which included a more beautiful experience. With V2 of the coast app, COASTARS could now 'GASP' with us, which simply means:
  • Gift Card Trading
  • Airtime and data subscription
  • Sport betting
  • Pay your bills
Fund transfer is one of the key features of the coast app, as is crypto trading, which can now be done on the website by clicking on the link below.
To trade all types of cryptocurrency (including Bitcoin, Litecoin, USDT, Doge coin, and Ethereum, among others), please follow the link
Trade Crypto Here
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Mission statement

Coast was established to provide safe means to exchanging digital assets to local currency, provide fast utility services, airtime / data refill, and with over 5 years in sustainable trading services we have stood the test of time garnering vast experience and knowledge to the specific needs of our users, We take our customers and prospective users, putting them first and their requests above all.


Vision statement

Our vision includes granting users access to different types of our product and services, which part of it is having ease in getting different currencies of choice wherever they find themselves. We want users to be able to trade them on our platform (web and mobile app), and get the funds/value of the digital gift cards irrespective of whatsoever location they might find themselves.

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